Symantec’s Anti Virus tips


I tried today to find a solution for all the updates that Symantec’s AntiVirus product gathers other time but never deletes. The server I was working on had about 6GB worth of old definitions! Anyway after an exhausting Google search, I found some websites that charge you for the solution,(no thanks) so in the end I worked it out myself and here’s the solution;

  • You should have a “LiveUpdate Administration Utility“. Load it up.
  • Under Tools, there’s an option to “Clean up download Directory“!! Hey Presto! This is it.
  • Once you click on that, there’s a “Delete ALL Files” or “Remove Unsued Files“. I chose the second option and it did exactly what I wanted. i.e. remove all the old Def’s that I no longer used or wanted.

So ends the tip for today.



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