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Hide Strikethrough Messages Marked for Deletion in Outlook

September 23, 2008

To hide messages already marked for deletion in Outlook:

  • Select View | Current View | Hide Messages Marked for Deletion from the menu.
    • In Outlook 2003, select View | Arrange By | Current View | Hide Messages Marked for Deletion.
    • Select View | Reading Pane | <desired setting> to re-enable the preview pane.

Setup the PSUS4 for a Mac

September 4, 2008

Ok I did this a while ago and then my PSUS4 busted. When I got the new one I had to go through the whole research thing again. Now I have this great blog I can jot it all down for future posterity.

Basically you have to setup the print server, note the IP address.

Add a new printer for the Mac as LPD, add the IP address of the PSUS4 and importantly, add the number 1 to the queue.

Of course you need to get the right printer driver for the Mac.