Simple VPN reminder


To setup a VPN in windows XP go to:

  1. Network connections
  2. Click on “Create a new connection”
  3. Next
  4. “Connect to the network at my workplace”
  5. “Virtual Private Network connection”
  6. Name the connection (something relevant)
  7. Add in the DNS name or IP address of the VPN host
The thing I forgot and why I added this entry, is that to add this to the begining of the windows login (so you can login to the domain during startup – and get those nice login scripts), all you need to do is get past the “dial-up” wizard.
When you start to login, there will be a small check box that says “Log on using dial-up connection”. Check that box, type in all your login details and click OK.
It’ll then bring you to another window that gives you the option to start the VPN that you setup previously.


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