Wierd DNS / AD problem


Today I had an odd issue with adding a domain user to a local machine’s administrators group. It wouldn’t go – it kept saying it couldn’t find the domain, even though I was logged in as the domain administrator!! I removed the machine from the domain, rejoined and had the same problem. I added the domain server to the host file – no difference. I left the domain, renamed the machine, deleted the machine account and rejoined the domain. Again, no difference. I allowed remote access to the machine and tried to add the user from the domain server but it wouldn’t connect to the machine (even though I had specifically allowed remote management of the computer). I added the user to manage the machine account – not entirely sure what this does but it didn’t give the user admin rights on the machine.


In the end I added the domain (and DNS) server’s IP to the DNS on the local machine and nothing else (IP address was still set to DHCP), rebooted and hey presto it worked.

Strange but true.

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