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Xcopy Arguments

November 10, 2008

Sorry but I found that with a little research and perhaps an updated version of Xcopy, the arguments have changed.

What you need is this;

/E /C /Y –  means the following;

/E – This actually takes care of /S as well so by putting in /E you’re actually putting in /S and /E.

/C – Continues copying even if errors occur.

/Y – Suppresses the prompt to overwrite files. Don’t ask me why but even if I delete the destination folder before I copy I do actually get the overwrite prompt on occasion – go figure.

… older stuff below (might be the only option for older versions of xcopy)…

to be curt /S /E /C – when using Xcopy make sure you put the /C in there so that if it runs into any errors it doesn’t just stop, but continues with the copy. Oh and just for reference, the /S means any subfolder under the initial folder and the /E means copy over all folders even if they are empty.

Thought I would add it here because I’m waiting for the amended script to finish 🙂


Recovering music from your ipod

November 9, 2008

I doubt I will do this one again for a long time which is why I’m documenting it here. 

I had a client with a fully packed ipod and wiped out laptop. He’s very keen on his music and plays part time in a band so it was very important to keep everything intact and keep the play lists too because that’s what he was using to practice with.

Anyway to cut a long story short I looked around the Internet, found a few good places regarding restoring back music from ipods and ended up buying some software called iGadget. Cost me $15 which was well worth it if I could restore it all back. I instantly got an email back saying thanks for the money and I should wait for an email with the download instructions….. which never came. (I’m writing this on the next day)

Screw that I thought, I’ll try some freeware software. To that end I found some great software called Sharepod – – it did everything I wanted (with the exception of naming the play lists when they imported back into iTunes).

I backed up the ipod, restored back all the music and I restored back all the playlists as well. AWESOME software and what’s more it’s free, though I would highly recommend donating some money to the author if you can afford it.

So I guess this particular lesson should be about trying free stuff before you jump to buying software that may never turn up!

Come back CHKDSK all is forgiven

November 5, 2008

I had a laptop with a faulty drive. It was a weird one because the drive wasn’t ticking or clicking, it would start up, get the windows is starting display and then come up with a Blue screen stating that it couldn’t mount a volume.

I tried the command prompt recovery first to see what’s going on. It wouldn’t even give back a directory listing.

I tried taking the drive out, mounting it on an external cable and plugging it into another machine. No dice. The thing that was weird was that it didn’t outright say I can’t read that drive but it would seem to mount it and then when you went to access it it would kind of ignore you after a long pause.

I ran Spinrite on the drive which after a very very long time said it had fixed some and couldn’t fix others. I tried to mount it again in another laptop but again it failed.

In the end, you know what fixed it? CHKDSK /F yes that old doozie. It ran through, did it’s thing and within an hour said it had fixed a bunch of stuff and have a nice day. I boot the machine and it all came up perfectly! 

So I just wanted to say old tools that are sometimes overlooked can be real boons if the new kids on the block can’t handle it.