Come back CHKDSK all is forgiven


I had a laptop with a faulty drive. It was a weird one because the drive wasn’t ticking or clicking, it would start up, get the windows is starting display and then come up with a Blue screen stating that it couldn’t mount a volume.

I tried the command prompt recovery first to see what’s going on. It wouldn’t even give back a directory listing.

I tried taking the drive out, mounting it on an external cable and plugging it into another machine. No dice. The thing that was weird was that it didn’t outright say I can’t read that drive but it would seem to mount it and then when you went to access it it would kind of ignore you after a long pause.

I ran Spinrite on the drive which after a very very long time said it had fixed some and couldn’t fix others. I tried to mount it again in another laptop but again it failed.

In the end, you know what fixed it? CHKDSK /F yes that old doozie. It ran through, did it’s thing and within an hour said it had fixed a bunch of stuff and have a nice day. I boot the machine and it all came up perfectly! 

So I just wanted to say old tools that are sometimes overlooked can be real boons if the new kids on the block can’t handle it.


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