Xcopy Arguments


Sorry but I found that with a little research and perhaps an updated version of Xcopy, the arguments have changed.

What you need is this;

/E /C /Y –  means the following;

/E – This actually takes care of /S as well so by putting in /E you’re actually putting in /S and /E.

/C – Continues copying even if errors occur.

/Y – Suppresses the prompt to overwrite files. Don’t ask me why but even if I delete the destination folder before I copy I do actually get the overwrite prompt on occasion – go figure.

… older stuff below (might be the only option for older versions of xcopy)…

to be curt /S /E /C – when using Xcopy make sure you put the /C in there so that if it runs into any errors it doesn’t just stop, but continues with the copy. Oh and just for reference, the /S means any subfolder under the initial folder and the /E means copy over all folders even if they are empty.

Thought I would add it here because I’m waiting for the amended script to finish 🙂


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