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Cloning Dell Drives

December 12, 2008

Just fixed a horrible problem cloning a Dell laptop drive.

Bear in mind that Dell drives can have multiple partitions. (so you can restore back to factory settings easily and for Dell diagnostics software) so in theory this could be tricky…

I started out cloning the old drive to the new directly via a USB adaptor. It worked OK but then when I installed it, it said it wasn’t bootable. I tried to repair it but there were no repair options in the Windows Install disk!

No problem I thought and promptly ran foxboot and fixmbr which should have taken care of that. It didn’t. Again it didn’t boot.

So I installed a fresh copy of windows on the new drive and then restored back the old image. Again this didn’t work – not bootable!!!! Grrr.

finally after lots of hair pulling and wall punching I installed a new version of windows (again) and then installed Acronis 11, plugged the old drive in via the USB adapter and cloned it back to the boot disk. Of course I had to reboot to get it to work, but IT DID ACTUALLY WORK!! Woot!

So yet another example of a simple solution to a potentially complex problem.

I must remember Ockham’s razor. I must remember Ockham’s razor. I must remember Ockham’s razor.