Com+ error


I doubt very much I will ever need this fix again but just in case (and for the benefit of anyone else who might come across this problem here the blurb…

I use an application for my clients called Encore. I had previously installed it on a client’s machine and then shipped it across the pond, only to find that Encore didn’t work. I remotely connected to the machine and had a look to find the following;

The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator wouldn’t work or more specifically Error 8004E00F. According to all sources that I had to search high and low for I needed to reinstall MSDTC. wonderful.

Anyway this is what I ran from a DOS prompt;

msdtc -install

msdtc -resetlog

That fixed it for me but of course it wiped out my previous settings. (which meant I had to reinstall Encore)

Apparently you can uninstall it by using this setting;

msdtc -remove

but I didn’t need to run that extra step. Just installing fixed my issue.

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