Set Program Access and Defaults


One application that I do use on occasion. I must admit I have in a zealous rage deleted all the nonessential apps that Microsoft fills your Programs Menu with when you get a new machine. Not to mention the manufacturers programs.

Anyway in a fit of uninstall (or mass deleting) rage I removed the “Set Program Access and Defaults” application. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, or so I thought, and browsed around for it. Unfortunately Microsoft decided NOT to have a permanent app for this in the control panel or Accessories or anywhere else in fact. There are no direct programs to run either. Nice.

So this is how to get to it. Either create a shortcut and type in this;

%SystemRoot%\system32\control.exe appwiz.cpl,,3”    obviously without the quotes.

or you could simply type that into the run box. Either way it will get you back to that application again.


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