Mat’s Tips


More tips from Mat. I checked a few of these out and found them to be very interesting. The paint app is awesome – I never knew web apps were so advanced!

Here is his email;

first off, free audit pc software very nice like cpuz but lists all installed software and also processes running, and its portable so just an exe no install needed. 🙂

second a handy tool to rest sids , We imaged a load of pc’s with out syspreping them , this resets the local sids so fixs the issue.

thirdly, not really useful just rather stunning. So we have google apps (office suite online) this is an online paint app

another cool portable app. It shows you the processes and dll behind the svchost files and is jsut an exe as well

another good one. a tool that will tell you the password of a pst file, i have had a few times where people forget it and are screwed lol. Only issue is symantec deletes this tool as its a “hacktool”

There you go.Sweet tools from a super dude.

Thanks Mat.

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One Response to “Mat’s Tips”

  1. Mat Says:

    I’m famous 🙂

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