Using command line compression in Windows


After a long a fruitless search to use a command line option for Microsoft’s “Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder” I saw the light and found 7-zip.

7-zip is an open source compression tool that allows it to be used in a command line way as well as a GUI. Go to and download the latest version, then when you write a script, here is a quick and dirty example of a command line for the app;

“c:\program files\7-zip\7z.exe” a “d:\backup files\” “c:\working files\uncompressed.txt”

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2 Responses to “Using command line compression in Windows”

  1. Mat Says:

    but what ever happened pkzip tools. that we used to unpack duke nukem 3d

  2. Mat Says:

    PKZIP has been providing industry-leading ZIP compression for DOS systems for nearly 25 years. PKWARE is committed to file interoperability–files saved using the original PKZIP products can still be opened by any current PKWARE products.

    going old school

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