Local Access Only


Ok So I built a new Server 2008 virtual server configured it to use DHCP and set the router to reserve the IP based on MAC address.

It worked just fine until I wanted to connect to the Internet on that machine. It wouldn’t connect. Wierd. I checked the IP settings and all seemed to be OK. I looked at the Icon in the system tray and it said the network connection was “LOCAL ONLY”. What? I didn’t configure that!

OK so how do I make it “LOCAL and INTERNET”? I searched high and low but didn’t really find an answer. The answer is, that you don’t change it. It’s Microsofts way of telling you that the Gateway has a problem.

Now this was wierd for me because I could ping yahoo, I just couldn’t get a browser to connect to it.

In the end I found that there was an additional gateway set to – another very wierd thing (the router did not have this setup!).

To remove that setting just drop to a DOS prompt (probably with admin rights – right click and choose run as admin) and then type in this;

route detele

That will remove the weird gateway problem.

Now I still had a problem so in the end I set the NIc to static (which I probably should have done in the first place) and it worked.

So to sum up, if you get that “LOCAL ONLY” status on your NIC it’s because theres a problem with the Gateway (whether you see a problem or not) and if you DO have the wierd gateway of then simply remove it by the command above.


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