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Printer appears “offline” for a user.

September 3, 2010

This happens for no reason on network printer and often only effect a couple of people.

I’ve had this a lot and its easy to fix/sidestep (thou i dont know the underlying cause but i am happy to blame microsoft).

first you need to get to printer properties as a local admin
(you can hold shift and right-click on a printer to do this.)

Then you go to the ports tab and configure the port that’s in use.

You will find the “SNMP status enabled” is ticked. if you untick this and apply the printer will suddenly be ready and start printing


IE ‘Bypass proxy for all local addresses’ issue/feature

September 1, 2010

Found this strange behaviour in IE with proxy bypass setting.

“Knowledge is power” so here is a AA battery of info for you.

I had a user with a fixed proxy server in IE  and ‘Bypass proxy for all local addresses’ ticked.

He had an issue getting to a telephone machine on site via a web interface on the same subnet.

In theory i thought this should work because of the tick in ‘Bypass proxy for all local addresses’ But as soon as i added the IP range in the “advanced tab /exceptions” it starts working.

So i asked the googles…and found this from mickysoft.

The short version is the tick in ‘Bypass proxy for all local addresses’ will only be used when a hostname is used not a FQDN or IP address. this it seems is a feature.