Need a Boot disk for AntiVirus Scan?


Look no Further…. OK well maybe you should look further but in the interests of getting this out there as fast as I can… here’s a way that’s free and works;

Yes it’s Bitdefender. I have used BitDefender for a few years now and whilst you need to tweak it out of the box to stop it from grinding your machine to a halt, it does good work.

Today I used the boot disk… it seems…to have actually…worked!




An AntiVirus product that works?!?! What has the world come to?

This is awesome. Go buy Bitdefender now! Of course it would be even better if the AntiVirus had stopped the virus in the first place but I can’t blame Bitdefender for that as the infected machine was using…. Trend Micro…. I shall have to have words with them….

Anyway for now thanks to Bitdefender for giving away that boot disk that did the job.



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