Spotlight stops working in Mail


OK for all you Mac users out there, I ran into this issue a while ago but today it got to the point that it became annoying so I did the research and fixed it.

Basically when I searched for an email it would not look in the “Entire Message”, it would only look in From, To or Subject. Apparently Spotlight is only used in the Entire Message part which is why the other fields were still working in search.

The fix? Well it’s very simple. Open Spotlight preferences, Click on the Privacy option and Add your whole Hard drive – probably “Macintosh HD” then close out of preferences. Re-open Spotlight preferences and remove that entry you just added. Close preferences.

You now should see the main spotlight icon in the top right have a dot in the middle of the magnifying glass… This is good – it means that it’s indexing and your clear-out of the old index has worked.

Give it about 30 mins to perhaps an hour or two and the indexing will have finished.

Hey presto – your Spotlight search should now be working in Mail!

Wooohoo 🙂 Easy money.

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