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Time sync with your server (or any other machine for that matter)

May 16, 2011

Quick tip… To sync with any machine type the following into a command prompt;
net time \\machinename /set /y


Hyper-V Snapshots

May 13, 2011

Back in the day I played around with some virtual servers.

Didn’t know what I was doing to took many snapshots. Bad idea.

Many months later the disk ran of space the server wouldn’t stay active for more than a few minutes!

Why all you need to do is merge the snapshots I thought.

Hmmm well, yes you could, or you could just delete the old snapshots. Like duhh.

It’s really as simple as that.

If you’re doing a big upgrade or something, snapshot it. If it’s all good after that , then simply delete the old snapshot. All your files will remain and it’s only the changes since the snapshot that is the difference. In other words, if you took a snapshot and the then the update screwed you, you can just roll back to the snapshot and delete the updated one. Try again etc.

All your files etc will carry over to the new snapshots but any new files created after the snapshot is taken obviously won’t show up. If you get that problem you will certainly need to merge them and for that I refer you to this mage;

Other wise this is Microsoft’s official page about it;

Double spaces in your signature

May 12, 2011

It’s quite amazing that BY DEFAULT Microsoft decided that all signatures should have double spaces.
The fix? When you hit enter on each line you must do SHIFT+ENTER to remove and possible double space in the sig.
Why Microsoft? Why?

Anti Malware – What I use…

May 11, 2011

So there came a time today where I needed to refresh my opinion on anti malware products out there.

Traditionally I have used Spybot S&D and Malwarebytes. Both are very good (I know some people bitch about Spybot but you can customize it how you like so IMO it’s still good.).

However this time round I wanted to avoid spending all day scanning one computer only to find out that the residing malware had evaded said products.

So I browsed around and got some more opinions. Here’s what I found;


Primarily people are happy with it generally and most people use it. For good reason. It won’t always catch everything but it gets close. Make sure you do the FULL scan not just the quick scan BTW in case that wasn’t obvious.

Spybot S&D

Tried and trusted – also used by many people. Now, quite a few users expressed some doubts with Spybot – nothing concrete, but there is the sense out there that it is “old”. In my opinion that view is not quite accurate, as they update it constantly and besides for the extra bits they give you it is still worth it.

Yes I know the “Teatimer” resident app can slow your machine down as well as slow your Internet traffic but you can turn it off if you want, and if you keep it active then well, hey you have a resident antimalware checker for free. That is hard to beat.

It’s not the best in my experience when it comes to detection (Malwarebytes beats it) but it’s another tool in the arsenal.


I had not heard of this one until today. There’s a free for personal use and also a full version trial, if you’re corporate and need to disinfect something… and of course would like to see how it fares before you pony up for the full version.

So far seems to be quite good. I heard quite a few good things about it and no bad things, which gives it a good start. However the main thing I do not like about it are the popups. Very annoying and not too dissimilar from the malware popups you get. With that being said, I’m sure you can turn them off.

Scanning options are good – “Basic” – resident and immediate threat locations (read : browser), “Smart” – same as Basic but with system files thrown in and “Deep”, which is all files.

I ran the Smart scan. Not very impressed that it found a bazillion cookies. Yes I know they can be undesirable but it made me feel as though they were trying too hard to tell you they caught crap. That being said, it did find one downloader that Malwarebytes and Spybot did not. Hurrah for the new guy! [Edit : might take that last sentence back. It looks like it is NOT a “high risk” that it found but a Popcap dll for updating their games and giving you ads. Hardly “high risk”…annoying yes but high risk?]


I gotta say when I first went to their website I was thinking I had been duped, but it really does seem to be legit. (Seriously guys I would tone down the big colored buttons OK?).

I heard so many good things about this that I had to include it. I downloaded it but haven’t installed it yet. I did check out reviews and opinions and it seems to be on par if not more popular than Emsisoft.

I will update this when I have actually used it…

**UPDATE** This software is awesome. I have used it in about half a dozen cases and each case it removed the viruses completely. In only one case when I did a quick scan it didn’t catch all of the nasties but after running a full deep scan it did find them all. Awesome. I love it. It has also become my de-facto default scanner.

BitDefender (Boot disk)

Sorry to have almost forgotten this but The Bitdefender boot disk (which is a free download) can also really help for obvious reasons. I haven’t used it recently because the other guys above have done such an excellent job but if you do get stuck then BD bootdisk is worth ┬átry.