Hyper-V Snapshots


Back in the day I played around with some virtual servers.

Didn’t know what I was doing to took many snapshots. Bad idea.

Many months later the disk ran of space the server wouldn’t stay active for more than a few minutes!

Why all you need to do is merge the snapshots I thought.

Hmmm well, yes you could, or you could just delete the old snapshots. Like duhh.

It’s really as simple as that.

If you’re doing a big upgrade or something, snapshot it. If it’s all good after that , then simply delete the old snapshot. All your files will remain and it’s only the changes since the snapshot that is the difference. In other words, if you took a snapshot and the then the update screwed you, you can just roll back to the snapshot and delete the updated one. Try again etc.

All your files etc will carry over to the new snapshots but any new files created after the snapshot is taken obviously won’t show up. If you get that problem you will certainly need to merge them and for that I refer you to this mage;


Other wise this is Microsoft’s official page about it;


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