moving PST file to Thunderbird


Had a client that wanted to move his Exchange emails into a format that didn’t involve spending money.
In other words move the emails from Exchange to Thunderbird.
So first step was to download the emails into Outlook and then copy them to a PST.
Once there, I installed Thunderbird, and followed these instructions;

  1. Install Thunderbird on another PC that has a compatible version of Outlook.
  2. Make Outlook the default email client.
  3. Copy the outlook.pst file to that PC and configure Outlook to use it. (may need to be in the default location)
  4. Compact the .pst file using Outlooks File -> Data File Management commands to permanently get rid of any deleted messages. Don’t confuse this with compressing or zipping a file.
  5. Import the messages using Tools -> Import -> Mail. You can use Tools -> Import to also import the settings and address books.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 as necessary for any other .pst files.
  7. Backup the Thunderbird profile. Mozbackup is a useful tool to do that.
  8. Restore the Thunderbird profile on your PC.
  9. Cleanup. (Uninstall Thunderbird on the PC with Outlook etc.)

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