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Bluescreen Viewer

February 24, 2012

Bluescreens are a pain. They are also difficult to diagnose sometimes and this tool is simply awesome. It makes pulling the data out of the blue screen crashes soooooo much easier.
Go here and get this tool. It’s just so awesome;
BTW Nirsoft also have a suite of wonderful products, many of which I have used and highly recommend! (NK2edit being one of my favs).

Changing Desktop and My Documents location

February 14, 2012

I know this is a simple thing to do but I recently ran into a problem when I couldn’t get to the Location tab under properties of Desktop or My Documents. Weird I know but this is about I fixed it and in the interim found a nicer way to change all those locations;


That will bring you a window that has all the links – you may find some that are duplicated but those are the non-standard links and you can safely delete them without worry if you want to revert back to the standard location.

I couldn’t find the shell command for this for ages which is why I’m adding it here!

Scan windows system files

February 8, 2012

Sometimes when a virus or HD corruption affects your machine it’s nice to check that all the right windows system files are in the right place.
Run this;
sfc /scannow