Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7


This had been frustrating me for a while before I focused my attention on it.

OK, so got a new machine, comes with IE 9, some website (still!) aren’t compatible with IE 9. So I need to roll back to IE 8.
You would think that it’s simple but apparently my head is too small to work this one out quickly so here is the fix;

UNINSTALL Internet Explorer 9!!!

OK for those who need guidance on this, follow these steps;

Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > View Installed Updates… under the group that is called Microsoft Windows, look for an entry that is “Windows Internet Explorer 9“.
Click that, then click the uninstall button at the top. You may need to reboot but then you’ll have IE 8 back, safe and sound.

Don’t bother turning the Internet Explorer 9 “Feature” on or off – once you remove IE 9 that “Feature” will say Internet Explorer 8. In other words, this is just a way to turn on Internet Explorer, regardless of version.

Not sure why I couldn’t work this one out for a while but I put it down to the lack of caffeine.

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