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windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network

July 12, 2012

Getting this error message? Well the easy fix is to turn off the IEEE 802.1x authentication under the Authentication Tab of the Advanced properties of the Wireless Network! Boy that’s a mouth full….


Remote web workspace certificate issues

July 12, 2012

I inherited a clients systems that used SBS 2008. Now the interesting thing was that they used Remote Web Workspace. This a great solution to remote access but is a little tricky to get working securely.
When one of the users changed their computer I needed to install the certificate on their machine. I found several .cer files, one even labelled remote but installing them made no difference.
Eventually after a bit of research I found that you need to delve deeper and find the InstallCertificate.exe file. (along with the .cer file that should be in the same folder)
It’s most likely in a hidden folder so when you search for it make sure that you specify hidden folders etc.
Once you get it, copy the .exe and .cer file to the client computer, run the .exe and install it.
That’s it.