Cryptsvc woes


Had a weird bug with a Windows 7 computer. All of a sudden it was sluggish and became unresponsive. I found that it all boiled down to a Windows update problem and in the key was the Crytographic service i.e. CRYPTSVC.
Long story short the Windows update folder (one of?) had gotten corrupted and caused various services to, well, fail.
The fix is below;

  • Try to stop the cryptsvc service, either through the services MMC or….
  • Run CMD as admin
  • then type; net stop cryptsvc

If that doesn’t work (it didn’t for me – just said it was stopping and left it at that) then disabled the service and restart.
Ah ha that didn’t work either did it? Stoopid Windows overriding our commands! So this is how to KILL that process…mwahaha!

  • Again open a command prompt as admin.
  • type : sc queryex cryptsvc
  • Find the PID #
  • then type : taskkill /PID xx /F (where xx is your PID #)
  • This should do the task of killing your process.
  • NOW what you do is rename the offending corrupted folder;
  • ren c:\windows\system32\catroot2 c:\windows\system32\catroot2_corrupt

What I did then was to restart the computer and let Windows update it’s self. Dont’ forget to re-enable the services that you may have disabled though!

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