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Carbonite not backing up some files…

March 21, 2013

Bizarrely I had an issue where Carbonite didn’t backup mp3 files (for wav files). I haven’t had this problem before as Carbonite normally takes them all and happily goes away and backs up all in the user folder and anything else you tell it to.

Anyway this one install didn’t…

Here’s the fix;

Find the file that isn’t being backed up (just one of the many if there are lots)
Right click on the file
Choose Carbonite
Choose Properties
Click on the Carbonite Tab (second from left)
Tick the “Back up files of this type (within folders selected for backup)”
Click Apply (and you should see that it automatically ticks the “Back up” option too

You should then see that it’s backing up all those files that it had some how ignored.