Turn off Autodiscover for Outlook


Moved a client from an onsite Exchange server to a cloud based Exchange server ( Office 365 ) and had the constant problem of Outlook ignoring what I had set as the server address and instead looking for the Local Exchange server.
In the end the good folks at Office365 pointed me toward a registry hack to stop Outlook from ignoring what I had set… thanks MS…

Open regedit and go here (where nn is the version you have);

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\nn \Outlook\AutoDiscover

Then create a DWORD called ExcludeScpLookup and give it the value of 1.

Yes, you’re right, if you give it a value of 0 it turns it off again. Great if you’re in the midst of going back and forth to grab data/settings/etc.


2 Responses to “Turn off Autodiscover for Outlook”

  1. Gary Says:

    This did not work for me. I have Windows 7 Pro and office 2013. This is a stand alone system. No Exchange, Office 365, or Domain. Do you have any idea what might work? This just started happening today. I cannot access my email.


  2. Mark Lockwood Says:

    Because I’m dumb, I’ve never made a .reg file for this and have therefore referred to this website about 15 times to solve this problem. Works perfectly, thank you!

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