Outlook Address book priority


Something I find quite annoying – when you setup a new profile in Outlook, sometimes it sets the address book to one you don’t want. I want to change it to default to a different address book but it’s far from intuitive… hence the post. BTW I think this more or less applies to most versions of Outlook but I’m using 2010 here…

First, don’t bother going to your Contacts tab, no that would be too easy. Instead look for a small “Address Book” icon & link.
Click on that and you will know if you got the right place because it will have a menu bar and one of those will be labelled “tools”.
Click Tools, then Options.
You should then have the option of choosing a Global Address List, Contacts or Custom for checking the addresses.
Also down the bottom you should also be able to set which will be default when you open up the address book.


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