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Roaming profiles work on some PC’s and not others…

December 10, 2013

Yeah that’s what I thought. I went through all sorts of hell trying as many things as I could think of and when I hit the answer, I just figured I’d throw it in here before I delve too deep into why on some and not on others.

The fix;

  • It’s basically a DNS problem.
  • I pointed the problem computers (and eventually all the computers) to the Domain Controller that held the roaming profile data and boom, it worked.

More rambling stuff;
So I tried adding the server address with the roaming profile data to the host file of those machine and even the domain to the hosts file but neither of those made any difference.
I cleared the cache, I renamed the old profile and recreated it, I compared all the settings on one machine to the other as well as the Active Directory Account details and all seemed fine…