PERC 6 – New Virtual Disk initilization


Created a new RAID Volume and part of that process had me jump into the BIOS app for the PERC controller.
It was as simple setup – RAID5 with a hotspare but each disk was 1TB and so the volume ended up being, well, rather large (approx 2TB).
That was fine. However I had to initialize the volume and that was taking 1.5minutes for each 1% tick. So again, approximately 2.5 hours!
Well being the fairly impatient person I can be when it comes to computers, I decided to not believe that I was being told and researched the issue.
I found that you can indeed reboot eh machine, mid-initialize! In fact Dell apparently “recommend” that you wait perhaps 2-30 minutes before you write data to it!

In other words, go right ahead and reboot that server even if the initialization is only a few percentage point complete because the PERC controller will simply pick up where it left off after it is loaded up again.

Just remember to give it a little bit of time before you dump vast quantities of data at it.

Happy days.

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