iTunes Migration – Windows 7 to 8


Wow, seriously Apple just make a button that makes this easy would ya?

I have some clients that have huge music collections and some that have hundreds of playlists, not to mention just about any kind of media you can think of thrown into the mix, so over the years I’ve seen my fair share of weird iTunes migration problems.

Now recently I had the opportunity to move a Windows 7 iTunes library to a Windows 8 machine.

This normally goes smoothly but this time several files complained that they couldn’t be found! Weirdly the path was showing a Windows XP path – i.e. c:\documents and settings\user\… and considering this was a windows 7 machine it was coming from, I have no idea why iTunes suddenly forgot where those files were!

So cutting to the chase here’s the fix;

  • I’m assuming you’re running Windows here
  • On the old computer open iTunes.
  • Click on File > Library > Organize Library.
  • Click on Consolidate Files and OK.

Now once this is complete, you’re ready to copy the Library over. Copy it to the new machine and really that’s all you need. No more AppData folders or any other shenanigans.

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