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Can’t access Shared Calendars in Office 365?

November 7, 2014

Yeah it’s a pain right? Well I just finished researching this beast and here’s the fix that worked for me;

  • First removed all shared calendars from outlook and OWA just so I had a fresh start.
  • Second, Shared back those calendars to the recipient.
  • Third – and here’s the actual trick – add the sharing users actual calendar NOT the sub calendar you’re trying to share. So right click on “Other Calendars”, Add Shared Calendar – add the username etc.
  • Fourth Add back those other shared calendars you actually want. I did this in webmail and they populated in Outlook but for some reason I had to manually add the sharing users calendar (even though I didn’t want that). Once I had the other shared calendars working I removed the sharing users own calendar and I got the result i needed. i.e. the shared calendars working…

Quite why this happens, only Ms can tell you but the above worked for me.

Good luck if you’re having this issue. It took me a good hour or two of googling and testing and trying things.



November 4, 2014

So I wanted to give a few quick links for anyone who wants a good, free (with the option to buy) and reliable anti-bad stuff scanners.

  • Malwarebytes –
  • Superantispyware –
  • Hitman Pro –
  • Junkware Removal Tool –
  • ADWCleaner –

Feel free to comment more!