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Microsoft LLDP woes

December 22, 2014

One of the stranger problems I have come across.
When I boot up the PC neither Wifi nor Ethernet work. they connect ok but have no IP address.
I ruled out Hardware issues as well as router/DHCP issues so it comes down to Windows and more narrowly to Microsoft LLDP protocol driver.
When I enabled this and disabled it the NIC came back to life. Weird huh? If I reboot the problem comes back…
Anyway as a short term fix I created a script to fix this issue;

Echo off
cd \it\nvspbind
nvspbind “Ethernet” /e ms_lldp
Echo Recalibrating…
ping -n 5 -w 1000 > nul
nvspbind “Ethernet” /d ms_lldp

Now you will need to download NVSPBIND from Microsoft to do this but it’s worth it and I can confirm it does work.

Download it here;

When you download it, it will give you all the arguments you can add.

My example above is on a network device called Ethernet and I put a little “wait” command in there (which is the ping!) then disabled it again. Also I downloaded NVSPBIND to a folder called c:\IT\NVSPBIND.
This worked like a charm for me.


Adding a date stamp to a zip file

December 15, 2014

Specifically I’m using 7-zip because it’s awesome.

I got the info from this website ;

Basically when you write the script, you’re pulling in parts of the date query from a command prompt and adding it to the file name you want to create.

7z a -r "%DATE:~7,2%.%DATE:~4,2%.%DATE:~-4% Backup".7z

Where you have %DATE:~7,2%  this is basically saying from the DATE request, start at character 7 and use the next two characters. So where DATE might produce something like;    Thur  11/04/2010    as in their example, it would in fact copy “04” from that  because it starts at character 7 which is / and then uses the next two characters, namely 04.

So the next bit is another DATE request and