Links from emails don’t launch (Locate Link Browser)

So when someone sends you an emai with a link on it, you simply click the link and it launches your browser right? Well I had a client then when clicked one of those links, he would be presented with a “Locate Link Browser” ;















Ok so this picture is a bit crap but in essence it was asking me where the browser EXE file was!

Oh this is simple I thought, I’ll just point it to IE (I know, I know, IE….) and away we go. So I do that but now instead of asking me where the Browser was, it simply launched the browser and went to the home page! No matter what link I clicked on, it was simply go to the home page.

To fix this, I downloaded Firefox (I know, I know, about time…) and set that as default browser.

It worked like a charm. I also tested moving the default browser back to IE and now IE was working as well. Problem solved.


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