SQL SBS 2008

Had a server joined to a domain where we had SQL SBS 2008 installed.

I had to remove that server from the domain (and make many other changes) and found that the SQL was broken after all the changes.

Found that SQL SBS 2008 will NOT install on a Server 2008 STANDARD server but ONLY on a SBS server OR weirdly enough a standard server which is joined to a SMALL AD domain! Go figure.

Here are the official limitations;


  • Windows® Small Business Server 2008
  • Windows Server® 2008 Standard (must be configured in a
    small business domain configuration).  To install this product on Windows Server 2008 Standard edition, the server must be joined to a Small Business Server 2008 domain or a domain that has Active Directory configured in the following way:

    • It must be joined to a domain where a single server in the domain must contain all the flexible single master operations (FSMO) roles and is the root of the Active Directory forest,
    • The domain cannot have trust relationships with any other domains,
    • The domain cannot have any child domains, and
    • The sum of user and device licenses in the domain cannot exceed 75.
    • The customer may not run instances of the server software, separately licensed or otherwise, at the same time in another operating system environment within the same domain.

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