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Schedule a SyncToy Group Task in Windows

August 16, 2018

To set Synctoy to run a sync on a group at regular, periodic intervals you can create a Windows Scheduled Task event.


To do this, open the Task Scheduler:

  • Under a top Administrator user, go to the Control Panel>Administrative Tools
  • In the Action pane, click Create a Basic Task


  • In the Create a Basic Task Window, name your task and click Next
  • In the Task Trigger window, indicate how often you want it to run and click Next
  • In the next window, indicate time, day, month or event you want the task to run and click Next
  • In the Action window, indicate what action to perform, in this case SyncToy group sync
  • Check Start a Program and click Next
  • Click Browse and go to C:\Program Files\SyncToy\SyncToycmd.exe and add “-R”

(without the quotes) as an Argument and click Next

  • In the Summary window, verify set Task components are correct and Click Finish.
  • Click Back to return to a setting to edit.

AWESOME tools I just must share

May 20, 2010

OK first is Carbonite.

I know it’s been around for a while but seriously, UNLIMITED backup space for $50 a year? Come on! You can’t get better than that. Oh and the fact that you never have to worry about scheduling or plugging in drives or anything like that. It’s a killer app. Not only that but it’s cheaper than alternatives such as IDrive 🙂

Second is

Oh you wanted remote access to your computer… or your many computers… well what choice do I have? I could reconfigure my router to punch a hole through to my machine(s). Or I could BUY gotomypc…. Oh wait, I’ll use – there’s a free version and it’s all 256bit encrypted. Amazingly good. Faster than terminal services (imo) and you can’t really beat free as a price. Fast, secure AND free?!?! What’s not to love?

OK rant over. Just had to post this. Mat – let me know if you’ve already told me about these (you probably have) but if you’re not using them, then you should 🙂