Fixing Invalid Disk error


I found this so useful (and it worked for me) that I just had to re-post!

Awesome tool HxD – free hex editor from here –

  • Download that and run it as administrator.
  • Plug in the drive that has the Invalid Disk error.
  • From HxD app, open Extras. then choose Open Disk.
  • Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL here – if you edit the wrong disk or cell you could very well kill the drive – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
  • Make sure you choose the right disk – Windows Disk Management starts disk numbers from 0, but the HxD app starts from 1. So select the right disk and make sure you uncheck the read only option at the bottom.
  • Then Navigate to ROW 1C0 and COLUMN 02. If it’s a dynamic disk it should read 42. Change that to 07 to make it basic. Save and power cycle the disk.
  • You should now have all your data recovered!


TOTAL props go to this website where I found it;

As I have said before, I use this blog to help me recall some bits of work I did but don’t do it often enough to remember. So thanks Mike!


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3 Responses to “Fixing Invalid Disk error”

  1. gowtham m Says:

    Hi sir,
    I have made a mistake of using hxd software to convert dynamic to basic conversation.I have changed dynamic read 42 To 0.actually I should change it to 42 to 07 for conversion.for d mistake I made my lap s nt switching on it does nt reading d hd.please tell me is Der any way to solve dis problem.startup error please mail me d soln,.. plz plz plz……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tipster Says:

      Hi Gowtham,

      Unfortunately I haven’t built up too much experience with this particular issue because it doesn’t happen very often.
      That said, what I would do in your circumstance, is try a difference cable, and different computer then see if you can read the disk. It could also be that the drive has simply failed and then you’re only option might be a data recovery company.
      Sorry I can’t really be much help but good luck!

  2. ohyouknow Says:

    Sadly, this did not work for me. I definitely followed the instructions correctly, but it did not change my drive to Basic. :/

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